Ferb's biological mother is subject in Phineas and Ferb theorizing. Phineas and Ferb only shows Ferb's step-mother, Linda Flynn-Fletcher, which raises many questions of her whereabouts.

An alien?Edit

Some fans think that Ferb's biological mother is an alien, making Ferb a half-alien. Lala Stellune suggested that Ferb's biological mother had a child with Lawrence for world peace.

Supporting EvidenceEdit

  • Lawrence sings Alien Heart, possibly referring Ferb's biological mother.
  • Ferb's odd traits:
    • Green hair
    • Oddly shaped eyes
    • Advanced technology
    • Weird appearance in "Mommy Can You Hear Me?"
    • Speaks Martian ("Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)")
    • He is able to speak to Perry
    • He is rumored to have an enormous p***s

Opposing EvidenceEdit

Other TheoriesEdit

  • A theory from TV Tropes suggests that Ferb's biological mother is French, explaining why Ferb celebrates Bastille's Day and speaks French in "Run Away Runway". Another theory suggests that she has a French-American dual citizenship. Ferb's biological mother is called Emily Fletcher